Liturgical Ministries

The Church calls us to full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy.  We participate fully with our attention, our prayers, our song, and in our unity, the Eucharist.  It takes many people to plan,

There are many ways which a person might become more active in liturgical ministries.  Such as:

  • Music Ministry
  • Lectors
  • Extraordinary Minister
  • Altar servers (for youth in 5th grade and up)
  • Ushers

If you have a gift that you would like to share with your community in the context of our worship together, please call the parish office at 732.291.0272.

Music Ministry

The goal and purpose of Music Ministry is to enhance the experience and beauty of worship through music. Through strong musical leadership, music ministers encourage full, active and conscious participation in the Mass. Natural religious instinct urges man to honor God by means of music and to heighten his religious exaltation by joyous singing. To get more involved in the Music Ministry, please contact Patrick B. Phillip or contact the parish office at (732) 291-0272. 

Ministry Contact:

Patrick B Phillp, Coordinator of Music

Courtney Grogan, Organist and Choir Coordinator

Tom Elliott, Choir Coordinator

Dan Neff, Coordinator of Wedding and Funeral Music