Reverend Fernando Lopez, 732-291-0272, ext. 114
Our Pastor

Deacon Robert Johnson
Permanent Deacon

Msgr. Cajetan Salemi
Weekend Assistant

Rev. Martin Biglin
Weekend Assistant

Rev. Joseph Quinlan
Weekend Assistant

Courtney Grogan
Coordinator of Music Ministries and Liturgy

Tom Elliott
Music Coordinator, Choir Director

Gabriel Tauro
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sacristan

Maureen Pitman & Pasquale Desimini
Saint Agnes Sacristans

Matt Marzorati
Website and Social Media Manager

Sue Kiley, 732-291-0272, ext. 115
Business Manager

Carol Mulkeen, 732-291-0272, ext. 121
CCD Office: 732-298-8291
Director of Religious Education

Kathy Post, 732-291-0272, ext. 117

Karen Frank, 732-291-0272, ext. 110
Parish Secretary